1. CRM Software


CRM User Management

Logisoft CRM++ user management

  • Create and modify employee information

  • Enable user for Logisoft CRM++

  • User access depend on user role

  • Block and unblock user

CRM Lead Management

Lead management

  • Manage multiple lead sources

  • Manage multiple marketing agents

  • Campaigning and create new leads

  • Auto leads generation API

  • Lead forward between users

  • Lead follow-up and manage lead status

  • Phone call management

  • Task and activities management

  • Leads won, close & cancel

Product Catalogue

Product and service catalogue

  • Manage item groups

  • Manage item category

  • Manage items

  • Manage Ad Template for each item

  • Digital showcase API for website

  • Product requirement submission API

CRM Campaigning and budgeting

Campaigning and budgeting

  • SMS campaigning system

  • Manage multiple SMS API settings

  • Email Campaigning system

  • Manage multiple Email settings

  • Social media campaigning

CRM Activities

Other sales activities

  • Manage quotation template for each item

  • Manage customer account

  • Manage invoice and payment collection system

CRM Reports & Notification

Reports and notification

  • User dashboard

  • Leads status and reports

  • Activities reports

  • Daily user wise task list and task status

  • New lead notification

  • Pending task notification

  • Forwarded lead notification

  • And other MIS reports